About Us:

UTV Offroad Adventures came to be when a group of friends decided to go explore all around AZ when we were all closed due to COVID 19. This is probably one of the few good things that came of this pandemic. Many people made the same choice and the sales of R.V.’s and UTV’s hit an all time high. We met so many new friends on these trails and by the way did I mention that I had no idea that AZ had so many waterfalls. Kyle would make a point of finding them on each trip. They were so beautiful. Anyway, the people we met on the trails were new to the UTV world and were skeptical where they could go and what their UTV’s were capable of, they did not want to get lost or stuck. Based on the knowledge and experience that this group had and since Kyle already promotes and hosts offroad races and a couple UTV events the decision was made to start an exclusive UTV group and host UTV events for all age groups. We want to share the fun in exploring, meeting new people and share stories.

We have the most incredible sponsors and they are here to help with all your rv or utv needs. Come join us and I promise you will not regret it.