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Trail Ride Rules

  • Each participant is responsible for his or her own safety.
  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • We suggest wearing helmets and safety gear on the trail rides but if you are riding a quad or motorcycles helmets are mandatory. We want everyone to be safe.
  • Don’t leave your group without informing the volunteer ride leaders. They will not leave anybody! If you get lost from your group, we will search until we find you. In the unlikely event that you do get separated from your group, STOP and stay where you are until we find you. Searching for a moving target is very difficult as you could be miles from your last known location in just minutes.
  • No aggressive passing other participants while traveling on the trail; space is usually for managing dust.
  • When stopping for any reason, always keep the road open for other traffic.
  • It is important no one takes a wrong turn and gets lost. The trail ride leaders use the “rotation method” to prevent a rider/driver from making an incorrect turn. As the trail ride advances down a trail, the ride leader will stop at an intersection where there could be confusion as to the correct direction of travel. The ride leader will instruct the rider/driver immediately behind him to stop at the intersection and direct traffic until all ride participants have passed by except for the tailgunner. The rider/driver, that has been directing traffic, will fall back into line ahead of the tailgunner and continue with the ride. Sometimes the ride leader may accidentally miss an intersection where it would have been appropriate to place someone to direct traffic. If this happens and a ride participant believes there should be someone placed to direct traffic, it is appropriate to stop and begin to direct traffic. The ride leader will appreciate any assistance the ride participants can provide.
  • Turn lights on and assure plenty of spacing between participants due to dust or trail conditions. Running with you headlights on will help the person in front and behind you to see you easily and know that you are following. If you have a safety flag, please use it, too.
  • Make sure you have plenty of fuel, food and water for the length of the trail, plus some reserve of fuel and water.
  • The ride leader is responsible for providing an enjoyable and safe trail ride experience. Ride leaders have many hours and miles on trail rides and believe safety must come first. The ride leader is responsible for setting a safe and comfortable ride pace for the group. Ride participants should make every effort to maintain the same travel speed the ride leader is using. Ride participants should avoid deliberately driving at a slower speed than the ride leader is traveling and forcing the entire group to slow down. If the ride speed is too fast for a participant’s safety zone, they should request a conversation with the ride leader and explain their dilemma. If appropriate the ride leader will adjust the ride speed to meet the needs of all ride participants.
  • Inform your ride leader if you are a beginner so that you can be placed at the front of the pack.
  • There are some restrooms available on some trails. If you must stop while the group is moving, leave your UTV on/near the trail so that those following will know that you have stopped. Join the ride again as quickly as possible and please keep these stops to a minimum. Ride Leaders pull over periodically for breaks, photo opportunities and to share local histories. Our volunteer ride leaders will not pass an UTV on the trail.
  • If you desire a challenge on your ride, please mention this to your ride leaders…in most cases accommodations can be made.
  • These rules are to ensure a safe and enjoyable trail ride for all participants. They provide you with an understanding of how the Fun Run Volunteers will manage hundreds of participants safely over hundreds of miles of trails through the beautiful desert.
  • Each Ride leader and Sweep will have Radio Communication and let you know before you leave what Radio Frequency they will be on so you also can turn your radios on the same frequency if you have radio communications. This is very helpful during the ride if there are any breakdowns or someone goes the wrong way.
  • Relax and enjoy the ride, the Volunteers for the event will take care of the rest!